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Judeo-Christian Clarion — Coloring Pages

Fun pages for kids to color

Jesus teaches the crowd, coloring page

Ruth and Boaz, coloring page

Joseph’s coat of many colors

You will know them by their fruit, coloring page

Come follow me, coloring page.

For God So Loved The World, coloring page

Farmer scatters seed, coloring page.

Click to access A-farmer-scattered-his-seed-and-as-he-did-some-fell-along-the-path-and-the-birds-came-and-ate-it-up-Google-Docs.pdf

My Sheep follow Me, coloring page.

Click to access MY-SHEEP-HEAR-MY-VOICE-AND-FOLLOW-ME-Google-Docs.pdf

Triumphal Entry, coloring page.

Click to access Blessed-is-the-King-who-comes-in-the-name-of-the-Lord-Google-Docs.pdf

I Am the vine, Your are the branches. coloring page

Click to access I-AM-THE-VINE-AND-YOU-ARE-THE-BRANCHES-Google-Docs.pdf