Judeo-Christian Clarion — Coloring Pages

Fun pages for kids to color

You Crown The Year With Bounty, Coloring Page

Click to access You-crown-the-year-with-Your-bounty-And-Your-paths-overflow-Google-Docs.pdf

People of Berea Gladly accept Paul’s Message, Coloring Page.

Click to access But-the-people-of-Berea-were-more-open-and-gladly-listened-to-Pauls-message-Google-Docs.pdf

Jesus Heals The Deaf Man, Coloring Page.

Click to access Jesus-put-His-finger-in-the-mans-ears-and-said-open-and-the-man-could-hear-Google-Docs.pdf

They could not pull the net in, Coloring Page.

Click to access They-could-not-pull-in-the-net-for-they-had-caught-so-many-fish-Google-Docs.pdf

Teacher, don’t you care if we perish. coloring page

Click to access Teacher-dont-you-care-if-we-perish-Google-Docs.pdf

Your Word is sweeter than Honey, coloring page

The Lord hears when I call, coloring page

I rested and slept, coloring page

My people will blossom, coloring page

Moses strikes the rock, coloring page

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