Do you believe...

  • in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
  • that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Christ (Messiah)?
  • that the Ten Commandments are for us to follow today?

If the answer to those questions is "yes," then you agree with Judeo-Christian beliefs!

Judeo-Christian Beliefs

The purpose of the Judeo-Christian Clarion is to continue reaching out to the church in order to provide education about our Jewish/biblical roots. In order for us to fully know who Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) is, we must be familiar with this often overlooked, yet crucial, piece of the puzzle.

It's time for the church to meet the Jewish Master in all His Jewishness and for the family of God to become familiar with its Jewish roots.

Latest Articles

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A Continual Fire

The altar was a central part of the sacrificial system. Without it, there would have been no place to burn the sacrifices and offerings. God explicitly commands that the fire of the altar is never to go out. What deeper spiritual significance does this hold for us?

Teaching Moments

Preparing Our Hearts

Many people are keeping Lent at this time, but we need to prepare our hearts not just for this time that remembers the past, but we need to prepare our hearts for what is coming in the future.

Teaching Letters

Can a Believer Fall from Grace?

I remember many years ago the debate was about whether we are once saved always saved: true or false? Those on the one side said, No! If you are truly saved you can not fall from grace. The other side said, Yes, you can! We want to look into this closer and see, according to Scripture, which side was correct.

Our Story

June 2018: Halfway Through 2018

This is our story. Follow us along our journey as we encounter and spur on the awakening of the church!


Meditational Writings

Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with Your love. Let Your Spirit flow through me so that I may show love and compassion to all people.

— excerpt from Holy Spirit

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Sandiegrams are meditational writings by Sandie Balisteri. They will fill you with hope and encouragement. Please feel free to download them and share with others!