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Who Made You Judge?

We want to look at what the Bible tells us about judging. You hear it all the time, that you should not judge, but what does that really mean?

Are You a Servant?

In Mark 10 we find a strange request from two of Yeshua’s disciples. James and John, the sons of Zebedee, ask to be granted the right to sit on either side of Yeshua when He comes into His glory. Now that seems a bit forward, don’t you think? Yeshua tells us to be humble in heart. So the question is, are you a servant? Do you have a servant’s heart?

Can You Learn to Prophesy?

So what is prophecy and who is a prophet? We want to take a closer look into this and see if you can learn how to prophesy and be a prophet.

The Man of Grief

As we celebrate the birth of Yeshua (Jesus), we want to look at who Yeshua is. Isaiah speaks to us about the man of grief and sorrow. We want to take a closer look at this passage in Isaiah 53, because we as believers don't meditate enough on this thought about Yeshua (Jesus) as a man who went about with grief and sorrow . . . or is this passage talking about someone else?

The Planted Seed

Everyone should have a spiritual garden. Yeshua/Jesus tells us that we need to bear fruit, and much fruit at that. So we are going to take a closer look at this subject to determine if we are keeping the commandment to bear fruit.

The Rewards of the Righteous

The Psalms tell us a lot about God's character and also how He deals with mankind. Who He is and what He requires of us are important for us to know: how else can we serve Him? We are going to look at Psalm 18, especially verses 24-26, which tells us how God will reward our righteousness by our godly living.

Can a Believer Fall from Grace?

I remember many years ago the debate was about whether we are once saved always saved: true or false? Those on the one side said, No! If you are truly saved you can not fall from grace. The other side said, Yes, you can! We want to look into this closer and see, according to Scripture, which side was correct.

What is Holiness, Part 2

We found three clues in part one. We are now going to continue in searching for clues.

What is Holiness, Part 1

We as Christians speak about holiness, and yet many of us do not know what holiness is. We do not know what it looks like. I think that without an understanding of what true holiness is it is hard to understand that it has disappeared. So we are going to do some detective work to find clues that will lead us to true holiness.

The Man of Lawlessness

In our December 2017 newsletter, “A Fall from Righteousness” we looked at what Paul had to say about the end times. We saw that people will become lawless against God's commandments and the laws of the land. We want to continue with that thought and take a closer look at the man who is called the man of lawlessness.

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