Judeo-Christian Clarion — The Clarion

The Clarion, June 2023

Volume 4, Issue 6        www.judeochristianclarion.com               June, 2023   Welcome With the coming of summer and families planning for graduation parties and vacations, this can be a very busy time.  During busy times we have a tendency to pull back on other things that may be […]

The Clarion, May 2023

Volume 4, Issue 5       www.judeochristianclarion.com               May, 2023    Welcome Welcome to May. May is such a great month. The days are longer, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and Summer is beginning to come into our sight. Before long, […]

The Clarion, Apr. 2023

Volume 4, Issue 4       www.judeochristianclarion.com               April, 2023 Welcome This month is a time to remember. Yeshua tells us in the middle of the Seder Meal to now look to Him. The Seder is a memorial or a time to remember Israel’s exit from Egypt. But […]

The Clarion, March 2023

Volume 4, Issue 3       www.judeochristianclarion.com               March, 2023    Welcome Well, it is finally March. March gives us the hope of  Spring. But God gives us a hope of even better things. Jeremiah 29:11, tells us that God gives us a hope. “For I know the […]

The Clarion, Feb. 2023

Volume 4, Issue 2        www.judeochristianclarion.com               February,  2023   Welcome There is the saying that love makes the world go round. But in these end times it is hard to find love, for the love of many grows cold. We have become lovers of ourselves.(Matthew 24:12, […]

The Clarion, Jan. 2023

Volume 4, Issue 1        www.judeochristianclarion.com               January,  2023 Welcome January, another year, another new beginning, but let’s look at January another way.  January, the dead of winter. For many of us, winter only means cold and snow and shorter days. But God thinks otherwise. As we […]

The Clarion, Dec. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 12       www.judeochristianclarion.com               December, 2022   Welcome Well it is the holidays once again. The year seems to go by so fast, but in reality, we do a lot of living in those 365 days. We do a lot of good, make many […]

The Clarion, Nov. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 11       www.judeochristianclarion.com               November, 2022 Welcome As we find ourselves in the middle of autumn and with the change in weather, we often start putting our thoughts on the holidays that are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving to New Years become a very busy time […]

The Clarion, Oct. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 10       www.judeochristianclarion.com               October, 2022 Welcome It is amazing how fast the cycle of life comes and goes. Once again we find ourselves in Fall. We planted our seeds and watched them grow and harvested our fruits and vegetables and now we are […]

The Clarion, Sept. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 9       www.judeochristianclarion.com               September, 2022           Welcome September is a time to say good-bye to Summer and hello to Fall. The kids go back to school, football begins once again and the leaves begin to turn and fall. It […]

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