Sins of our Forefathers, Part 13

Where are we today? Closing Statements

As we saw in part 12 at the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, that 1500+ people had signed an agreement with the Pope, which started back at  the Ecumenical Council in 1962 that the Lutheran Church, for the sake of unity, would now recognize the Pope’s purpose as it was given to the Apostle Peter to keep the Church united. But let us look at other things that have been going on to unite believers under one universal church.

According to Wikipedia, The Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, also known as the Abu Dhabi Declaration or Abu Dhabi agreement, is a joint statement signed by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church and Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, on 4 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

According to Vatican News, An Appeal for Peace was signed in Rome by Pope Francis and by leaders of world religions gathered at the International Prayer Meeting for Peace, “No one is saved alone – Peace and Fraternity.”

According to CNA,  in October 2020 Pope Francis was joined by representatives of the world’s major religions in his appeal for peace in the Campidoglio Square, designed by Michelangelo. The Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, and Buddhist representatives each gave speeches, lit a candle in a candelabrum, and signed a scroll containing an “Appeal for Peace.” Candles were lit in the basilica as the Christians prayed together for peace in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and the Holy Land. 

On the surface you may say,  “I see nothing wrong with any of this.” But that is what it is supposed to look like, but that is not the goal.

We would like to end this series by saying this. After Yeshua’s victory on the cross, these last 2,000 years, we have seen an attempt by Satan to push forward his agenda, that goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Satan’s only goal is to have his own kingdom, and have people bow down to him and call him a god.  The Book of Revelation speaks about two beasts who will come, one will be a world religious system. One will be a global government. As we hope that you have seen from this series that all throughout history the Chrisitan faith has been changed. It no longer is the faith of Yeshua and His disciples. It no longer is the faith of our forefathers. It no longer is the faith of even Martin Luther, and the Reformation, and tomorrow it will not even look like it does today . Today all religions are being brought together under the guise of peace, and everyone, once again has changed their doctrine, no matter if you are Baptist or Lutheran or even Catholic, no matter if you are Hindu or Buddhist, or Morman.  We have seen over the centuries religion and politics mixing as if Yeshua was an activist who got  involved in the Roman government in His day.

No! He went about saving souls, and we should stick to spreading the Gospel also, but as we saw in this series, it wasn’t about the gospel really, but about wealth and power, as we saw with the Crusades and the Papal States, and even in the Book of Revelation.

 In 2022, the One World Religion Headquarters is set to open. It will be called the Abrahamic Family House. It is being built on an island in the city of Abu Dhabi. There will be three buildings, one representing the Mosque, another the Church and the last, the Synagogue, all for the sake of peace and unity. This is what so many of the 21 Ecumenical Councils were all about, to have only one church, with only one doctrine, except their doctrine is  not in line with Yeshua’s or His Apostles. We must come back to the truth of God’s Word. With so many changes throughout time it is almost unrecognizable. But after all these centuries, finally it has been accomplished, almost all religions and denominations, and all political leaders, all stand in line with the Pope, (The Bishop of Rome). This will be the final return of the Holy Roman Empire, with its leader receiving the blessings of the Pope. This may be hard for some to accept, but church history is not hidden, it is there for all to see, and if we take the time to study the Scriptures as a whole, we will see that it all lines up to tell the truth.

For more information on this subject we hope  that you go on to our website and read our two brochures on Mystery Babylon, Social Justice, and listen to our podcast “Clarion Call” on  Fleeing Babylon and  Do we need another Great Awakening?

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