Who is God?

Meditational writings for those experiencing a need to know God.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Who is God?

God is love.
He is my friend,
my redeemer, and protector.
He is my eternal guiding light;
without Him I’d be in darkness.
God is my strength, for I am weak;
without Him I could not bear
pain, despair, or sorrow.
He is there when I arise.
He goes with me through the day.
He watches over me when I sleep.
I see Him in the beauty of a flower,
a tree, a star, and the changes of seasons.
He is as close to me as the wind that blows
across my face,
or as near as my heartbeat.
He is as soft as a snowflake
falling gently on the ground.
God is all things to me.
My heart lives in His,
and His heart lives in mine;
without Him there is no life.

The Power of God

Lord, You are power and might.
You created the earth by Your Word.
You hear the cry of Your people,
and You know of our sufferings.
Deliver us from our enemies.
Feed us with Your Word so that we can
stand up against evil forces.
Show us the path
to Your Holy Mountain
that we may come to give
You praise and glory.
As we lift up our arms in praise
let us commune with You,
and let our hearts become one.
Lord, cleanse the areas of our lives
which are sinful.
Make us pure as snow
so that one day we can meet You
face to face.

You’re Number One

Lord, You’re number one,
for no one can love me as You love me.
You laid down Your life for me
so that I could live.
You accept me as I am,
and I live because of Your grace.
Your Spirit lives within me
and testifies to Your truths.
Walk into my heart, Lord,
and live with me forever.

God is All

God is love.
He is Yahweh, El Shaddai,
and the Great I Am.
His strength is like
the mountains.
His power is like
a powerful waterfall.
His love is like
a fragrant flower.
His gentleness is like
the water of a brook.
He is the Creator, the Potter,
the Vine, and the Shepherd.
He is the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is our Savior, our Redeemer,
and the Prince of Peace.
He is our peace and joy.
His Word is truth
and truth lives on forever.

His Light is Truth

Jesus is Light.
He lights up the pathway
for you and me.
He opens up our eyes
so that we can see the Light.
Through His Light, we are able to see
what we had not seen before.

His Light is Truth.
He opens up our ears that we might hear
and understand His truth.

His Truth is the Word.
He uses our mouths to preach and
proclaim His Word to all nations.

God is Light.
Let us walk towards the Light
so that we can come to know
His Word as Truth.


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