What Season is Best of All?

Meditational writings of the seasons.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

What Season is Best of All?

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—
Lord, what season is best of all?
How can I compare the beauty
of a silent night
as the flakes of snow fall gently
on the ground
to the beauty of spring as the trees
become alive
and buds form on the branches?
Lord, how can I compare the beauty of Your blanket of snow
that covers the trees as they sleep
to the beauty of spring
as the earth renews itself
and gives life to nature?
How can I compare
the wonderment of spring
to summer as the flowers bloom and the warmth of the sun returns?
How can I compare
the excitement of summer
and its time of relaxing
to the beauty of fall
when the trees and shrubs
turn from green into lovely fall colors
and reach a new height of beauty?
Lord, just as You created
the seasons of nature,
You also created the seasons of our lives.
All seasons have their beauty
just as all seasons in our lives are beautiful
and should be lived to the fullest
in Your love, peace, and joy.

Spring is Here

Lord, as the earth renews itself in the spring,
let me be renewed as I accept You in my life.

As winter lets go to spring,
let me shed my old ways
and allow Your Spirit to live within me
that I may have life again.

Like the buds on the trees that burst
so that leaves may grow,
let Your love burst within me.

Fill me with Your living water
that I may grow.

As the flowers give forth
a beautiful fragrance,
let my praises to You give out
a beautiful fragrance
that will rise to reach You.

Cut out the evil in my life, Lord,
just as the weeds are cut down
that I may come to You with a pure heart.

Let this spring in my life
be the beginning of new life
that will one day lead me home to You.


The Sunshine of Your Love

Lord, fill me with the sunshine of Your love.
Lead me into pastures of peace and joy.
Sit on the throne in my heart,
and reign over my life.
Let there be a quietness in my soul
that I have never known before.
Fence me in, Lord,
that I may not see the world around me.
Help me to keep my eyes lifted up to You.
Let the sunshine of Your love
shine through me
and let me bring glory to You.

Shining Light

I saw a light shining in the dark
and I walked towards the light.
I felt a glow of love.
As I got closer to the light, I saw Jesus
beckoning me to come to Him.
I put my hand in His,
and He took me down a beautiful path.
The springs of water were dancing
as the birds flew gracefully over the water.
The trees swayed as the wind
kissed each branch.
The flowers gave out a heavenly fragrance,
and the sun warmed my heart.
My heart jumped with joy, for I saw
the lion playing with the lamb.
We walked on a holy highway
which seemed to have no end.
On this highway,
my Lord told me
I was redeemed.


Autumn is a time of beauty.
It is a time when our Lord touches the earth
and changes it into a wonderland.

The leaves on the trees change
into elegant colors
as they reach the height of their beauty.

Weeds become beautiful
as the Lord’s hand gently touches them.

Many of us have lived lives like weeds—
growing wild, not really caring about others.
But once we found our Lord,
we have become beautiful
like the weeds in autumn.


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