The Lord is Knocking.

Meditational writings for those who are experiencing a knock on the door of their hearts.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2019

The Lord is Knocking

The Lord is knocking at the door.
Will you let Him in?

He is there to pour out His love
And take you by the hand.
Will you let Him in?

He will guide you and protect you
As you go along the way.
Will you let Him in?

His light will shine upon you,
And He will claim you as His own.
Will you let Him in?

His kingdom you shall live,
And peace and joy will be yours
If you will only let Him in.

I Have Called You By Name

I have called you by name
And you are mine.

I am drawing you nearer to My heart.

You will be with Me
Throughout eternity.

As you walk on rough waters,
Keep your eyes on Me.
I will hold your hand
And comfort you.

I will take care of you,
For I have called you by name
And you are Mine.

His Eyes are Upon Me

The joy of the Lord is upon me this day.
Praise and thanksgiving I shall say.

His love for me is forever.
His hand is in mine,
And I have been blessed
Before the beginning of time.

He guards me from my foes,
And keeps me safe,
This shepherd of mine.

His eyes are upon me
Watching over me from above.
My enemies He overthrows
Because of His love.

His understanding is beyond measure,
And I want Him above all treasure.

Shining Light

I saw a light shining in the dark,
And as I walked towards the light
I felt a glow of love.

As I got closer to the light,
I saw Jesus beckoning me to come to Him.
I put my hand in His hand
And He took me down a beautiful path.

The springs of water were dancing
As the birds flew gracefully over the water.
The trees swayed
As the wind kissed each branch.
The flowers gave out a heavenly fragrance
And the sun warmed my heart.

My heart jumped with joy,
For I saw the lion playing with the lamb.
We walked on a holy highway
Which seemed to have no end.

On this highway,
My Lord told me I was redeemed.

Enter Into My Kingdom

I will love you forever
With an everlasting love.

You shall be My people,
And I will be your God.

I will take you out of darkness
And bring you into the light.

Come, walk, dance, and skip along the way.
I will let you enter My kingdom.

I will give you a white robe to wear,
And a crown of glory.

I will love you forever
With an everlasting love.

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