Thank You, Lord

Meditational writings of thanksgiving for those experiencing God’s blessings in their lives.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Thank You, Lord

I opened my eyes this morning
to another day—
thank You, Lord.
You watched over me while I slept—
thank You, Lord
Thank You for my eyes
so that I can see the beauty of the day.
Thank You for my ears
so I can hear all the sounds around me.
Thank You for my nose
so I can have the sense of smell.
Thank You for my mouth
so that I can receive the bread of life.
Thank You for my hands and arms
so that I can work
and be able to embrace all I meet
along the way this day.
Thank You for my legs and feet
so that I am able to kneel
humbly before You.
Lord, although the world is not perfect,
thank You for letting me
be able to be a part of it.
For all these blessings, Lord,
I thank You.

Creator of All

Father, Creator of all the universe,
I love You.
Thank You
for calling me by name.
Thank You
for sending Your Son Jesus to redeem me.
Thank You
for all the beauty of the earth,
for who but You could give us
a beautiful sunrise and sunset?
Who but You could create
a tree or beautiful flower?
Father, let Jesus, my brother,
one day bring me before Your throne,
for I long to see You face to face.

Praise, Honor, and Glory

Praise, honor, and glory, my Lord.
Praise to You, Oh Lord.
Praise Father, Son, and Spirit—
Holy Trinity One.

Thank You for Your nearness, my Lord.
Thank You for Your love, Oh Lord.
Thank You for this gift of life.
Thank You, my Lord.

Blessed are You now and forever, my Lord.
Blessed is Your Holy Name, Oh Lord.
Blessed am I because of Your Spirit.
Blessings, my Lord.
Blessings, my Lord.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord, thank You for Your love and
for teaching me how to love.
Thank you for giving me Your grace
even though I did nothing to earn it.
Thank You for opening
my eyes and ears
so that I can see Jesus in the people
around me and that I can
hear and understand Your Word.
Thank You for blessing me and
for calling me out of darkness
into the Light.
Thank You for abiding in me and
for letting me abide in You.
Thank You for caring about me and
for not leaving my side despite the
trials I go through.
Thank you for being the good Father
and for admonishing me when I need it.
Lord, this is a world where there is
an evil force all around me.
But You send Your angels to form a
hedge around me and protect me.
Thank You.
Thank You for putting the love of nature
in my heart
and for letting me see You
in all this beauty.


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