Meditational writings of hope for those who are experiencing a storm in their lives.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010


Like the constant moving sea,
so our lives move.
Sometimes our lives move smoothly and very serenely,
but like the sea,
storms can build up very quickly.
When we are caught up in a storm,
we are tossed about.
Fear can grip our hearts.
We wonder, “How can we survive the storm?
How can we save ourselves?”
Oh, we of little faith!
Can we not see
that only our Lord can help us?
Can we not see
that He is always with us
and will gather us in His arms
if we call upon Him?
It is the enemy of our soul
who puts fear in our hearts.
Our Lord is faithful.
He gives us His hand to cling to.
He alone can calm the storms
and put peace in our hearts again.
Sometimes we ride the waves
from one storm to another,
but if we trust God and look up to Him,
He will pick us up
and put us back on the ground.
Storms can be treacherous,
but if we abide in God,
He will abide in us and we can be assured
that He is always with us.

You Gave Me A Rainbow

Lord, I awoke this morning and saw the
blue sky and the sun shining.
Thank You for the joy of the blue sky and
the warmth of the sun.
The blue sky in my life is so peaceful.
The warmth of the sun is like
the blanket of love You place around me.
Your love, Your embrace,
is my security blanket.
As the sun touches me, so do You touch me
and You awaken my whole being, Lord.
You made the green trees and green grass.
Thank You for the softness and the
gentleness of the color green.
You are a mighty God,
yet like the color green,
You are soft and gentle.
Lord, You made the mountains, rivers,
and streams for me to enjoy.
How I thank You for all the beauty of nature!
You provide for me.
You are great like the mountains,
powerful like the waterfall,
and sometimes rough like the rivers
as You polish me like gold in a fire.
But then, You are so gentle like a stream
with Your love and compassion for me.
Lord, life can never be just blue skies
and sunshine.
There are times when there are
gray skies, rain, and storms.
The gray skies are there to remind me
that I am a sinner.
The rain that falls upon me reminds me
of You, Lord, as you forgave me
and washed away my sins.
There are times when there are storms
in my life.
The terrible storms, how they hurt.
There are times when I come before you
so broken with my heart opened wide.
You’re always there to take my heart
in Your loving hands
and kiss it and tell me of Your great love.
You’re always there
to calm the storm in my life
and to give me a blue sky
and sunshine again.
Lord, after the storm, You give me a rainbow—
a bridge for me to walk on
to be with You for all time.


Time is endless when you know the Lord.
Trust the Lord, for He is good
and worthy to be trusted.
When all seems lost
and you don’t know where to turn,
trust the Lord.
Give Him your anxieties
and let Him fill you with peace.
In your weakness, your brokenness,
and your littleness,
let the Lord take over for you.
Let Him strengthen you,
let Him lift you up,
let Him make you tall
as you allow Him to work in your life.
Nothing is impossible for the Lord
if you trust Him.
He can make all things new.
He can change your life in every situation
if you trust Him.
He is ready to take your hand
and lead you.
Trust the Lord
for He is worthy to be praised.

In My Dark Hour

Lord, in my dark hour,
You lifted me out of my despair.
In my dark hour,
You shined Your light upon me.
In my dark hour,
You comforted me.
In my dark hour,
You wiped away my tears.
In my dark hour,
You gave me hope.
In my dark hour,
You filled me with peace and joy.

A Thread

Our life is but a thread—
a thread held together by
faith in the Lord that He will see us through our
strife and pain.
Our life is but a thread—
a thread held together by
trust in the Lord that He will
take care of our needs.
Our life is but a thread—
a thread held together by
hope in the Lord that He will
always be with us.

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