Never Alone

Meditational writings of peace for those who are experiencing loneliness in their lives.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Never Alone

I thank You, Lord, for Your presence.
As I meditate by myself,
I am not alone.
You are with me shining Your light upon me
and blessing me.
When I am troubled, You comfort me.
When I have doubt, You reassure me.
When I cry, You wipe away my tears.
No matter where I go,
I am never alone,
for You live within me,
and every breath I take,
You are there.
You surround me with angels
to watch over me.
In the darkness of the night,
You illuminate my mind with Your presence.
Lord, I give praise, honor, and glory to You,
for in the darkness of this world,
Your light shines bright,
and I am never alone.

I Will Never Forget You

Beloved, know that I am with you
in good times and bad times.
I have engraved you in the palm of My hand.
I will never forget you.
I have created you so that one day,
you will spend eternity with Me.
Rejoice in knowing that I am near.
In your time of brokenness,
I will lift you up and I will place a blanket of love around you.
In your time of joy, the saints will rejoice with you.
Walk toward the light,
and My Son will greet you.
Rejoice and be glad,
for I am with you always.
Give praise to Me, and know that I am God!

Hello Lord

Hello Lord. It’s me again.
Hello Lord, see, I need a friend.
Hello Lord. I’m lonely.
Hello Lord, won’t You be my friend?

Have I told You how much I love you?
Have I told You how much I care?
Won’t You stay at my side?
Hello Lord, it’s me again.

Hello Lord, how I need You.
Hello Lord, I’m hurting.
Hello Lord, time seems to have no end.
Hello Lord, it’s me again.

Have I told You my heart yearns for You?
Have I told You I adore You?
Won’t you come and live in my heart?
Hello Lord, it’s me again.

Lord, You’re With Me

Lord, You’re with me
as we walk on the water
and I learn TRUST.

Lord, You’re with me
as we walk on the sand
holding hands
speaking of LOVE.

Lord, You’re with me
as we walk on a path
alongside of a mountain
and our voices are filled with LAUGHTER.

Lord, You’re with me
as we walk on a rainbow
filled with PEACE and JOY.

Lord, You’re with me to take me to the Father
and to be with me throughout ETERNITY.

Beside the Quiet Brook

Beside the quiet brook we sat.
You held my hand, Lord.
I told You of my joys and my sorrows.
You kissed my cheek, Lord,
and You told me how much You loved me.
In an instant, You let me see all the beauty around me.
I saw the water dancing
as the trees swayed and clapped their hands.
I heard the birds sing melodious songs.
I saw angels playing their harps and lyres.
Trumpets were blaring.
Beside the quiet brook
I praised You, Lord,
for there I found peace.



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