Lord, I Saw Your Face

Meditational writings for those seeking God’s face.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Lord, I Saw Your Face

Lord, I searched and searched for You.
I wanted to feel Your presence
And see Your face.

You told me I didn’t have
Far to look to find You.
You said all I had to do
Was to look around,
For You were everywhere.

You opened my eyes, Lord,
And I saw You in the sunrise and sunset,
In the beauty of a flower,
And the majesty of a tree.

I saw Your greatness in the mountains
And Your power in a waterfall.
I saw Your gentleness in a brook
And I saw a bridge going from me to You
In the beautiful rainbow across the sky.

I felt Your peace
In the stillness of the night.

I felt Your joy
As the birds sang melodious songs.

I felt Your love
From the warmth of the sun.

I felt Your embrace
As the wind blew around me.

Lord, I saw Your face in the people I’ve met
As I journey on the path of my life.

I Will Never Forget You

Beloved, know that I am with you
In good times and in bad times.
I have engraved you in the palm of My hand.
I will never forget you.

I have created you so that one day
You will spend eternity with Me.
Rejoice in knowing that I am near.

In your time of brokenness
I will lift you up
And I will place a blanket of love around you.

In your time of joy,
The saints will rejoice with you.

Walk towards the light
And my Son will greet you.
Rejoice and be glad,
For I am with you always.

Give praise to Me
And know that I am God.

Seek the Lord

Keep your eyes on the Lord
And He will not let you fall.

He will lift you up to new heights
And He will let you grow in love.

Seek Him with all your heart
And He will show you new ways.

Follow the light
And He will open your eyes
To the beauty of all creation.

Tell Him of your hurts
And He will heal them.

Confess your sins to Him
And He will forgive you.

Open the door to your heart
And He will fill you.

Give yourself to Him
And He will redeem you
And make you a new creation.

Put your hand in His
And He will fill you with peace and joy.

Mold Us and Fashion Us

Father in heaven,
You who created heaven and earth,
Renew our lives this day.

Heal us, Lord.
Keep us free from all evil and harm.
Let Your angels guard us.

Give us a shield, a helmet, and a double-edged sword
That we might protect ourselves from the evil one.
Shod our feet with Your gospel of peace.

Bless us, Lord, and shine Your light.
Lead us down the narrow road.
Mold us and fashion us
To be as You want us to be.

Use us this day, Lord,
That we might bring honor and glory to You.


My Little One

My little one, I have loved you
From the beginning of time.
I called you so that you would serve Me.

The harvest is ready, My little one,
But the laborers are few.
Go forth and bring back more laborers
To work in my vineyards.

I have charged you
To take care of My people
Like a shepherd
Who watches over his flock.
Preach the good news to My people
So that they may know that I am their God.

I am El Shaddai.
I am the Beginning and the End.
No other God shall they worship.
Teach them the way of truth.
I will shine My light upon you
And I will guide you.

Lift up your heart to Me and praise Me
For I am your Lord, your God.
I will lead you down a path
You have never walked before.
Trust Me and do My will.
I will bless you
And you will have a closer walk with Me.
I will cleanse you
With rivers of everlasting water
And I will make you a new creation.

My little one,
Serve Me with joy in your heart,
For I love you.


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