Journey to Heaven

Meditational writings of comfort for those who are experiencing their journey to heaven.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Journey to Heaven

I am on a journey to heaven to see my Lord.
He waits for me with open arms.

The angels are singing;
the fragrance is heavenly.
The road is paved with gold.

The trees are swaying,
the flowers are blooming,
the birds are singing,
and all those I meet along the way
are dancing.
All are singing,

On the Holy Highway

On the holy highway,
I am coming to You, my Lord.
On the holy highway,
You will greet me, Lord.
Shine Your light to guide me
as I walk to You.
On this holy highway,
my life will start anew.
I will tell You how much I love You
as we walk arm in arm, my Lord.
I will see the beauty all around me
as the desert rejoices
and the roses bloom.
No more will I feel pain,
for there will only be joy.
I will feel Your peace
and see the glory of the Lord.
On this holy highway,
I am coming to You, my Lord.
On this holy highway,
Your light will guide me, Lord.

Stairway to Heaven

There is a stairway to heaven,
and there are angels all around.
I’m on my way to heaven
to become Jesus’ bride.
The angels play their harps,
and trumpets fill the air
with a melodious sound.
The clouds are soft and white like cotton
as I climb into the sky.
The sun is bright
and shines its light
as the angels guide me,
for I’m on my way to heaven,
nevermore to leave Jesus’ side.
What a banquet there will be—
an endless table set for you and me.
There will be no need for the sun, moon, and stars,
for Jesus will be our light.
The road of gold will shine like glass
as the glory of Jesus illuminates our path.
The River of Life will flow down the streets,
for the redeemed shall thirst no more.
Our foreheads will bear
the name of the Lamb,
and we shall reign with Him forever.

What is Paradise Like?

Paradise is green valleys,
blue skies, flowers, and beautiful colors.
Nothing dried out and dead,
but everything alive.
No darkness—only light.
Peace, love, and joy.
No worries and no pain.
Seeing God’s face.
Refreshing water;
singing and dancing
and praising God.

Do Not Weep

Do not weep for me.
Miss me and remember me with love.
Do not weep for me,
for I have gone to the Father.
My brother Jesus came to greet me.
He took me by the hand
and has taken me home.
I am washed in the blood of the Lamb
and have been given a garment of white.
Do not weep for me,
for I no longer know strife or pain.
My Lord has prepared a room for me
in one of His many mansions.
Do not weep for me,
but rejoice with me,
for I was called to be with the Light,
my Lord Jesus,
throughout eternity.

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