In the Stillness

Meditational writings for those seeking stillness in God’s presence.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

In the Stillness

In the stillness,
I hear You, Lord.
You speak to me in a soft voice.

In the stillness,
I feel Your presence, Lord.
I feel the warmth of Your love
As You embrace me, Lord.

In the stillness,
I hear the angels cry,
“Holy, holy is Your name!”

Come Away With Me

Come with Me.
Come away with Me.
Live with Me forever.
Be with Me through all eternity.

Come with Me.
Come away with Me.
I’ll show you beauty
You have never seen before.
I’ll fill you with peace and joy.

Come with Me.
Come away with Me.
I’ll take you to my Father’s house.
He’ll greet you with love and joy.

Come with Me. Come away with Me.

You are Mine

I love you with all my heart.
I’ll love you through all eternity.
You’re mine forever, forevermore.
I’ll never lose you, for you are Mine.

I chose you before you were born.
I knew you from the beginning of time.
I want you to follow the light,
For I love you and you are Mine.

Someday I’ll send My Son to greet you.
He’ll take you by the hand
And bring you before My throne.
Rivers of everlasting water
Will flow and wash you clean,
For I love you and you are Mine.

I’ll care for you always
And you will live in joy,
For I love you and you are Mine.

Abide in Him

Lift your eyes to the Lord
And listen to Him in silence.
Let Him renew your strength,
For He gives power to the faint and weary.

Wait on the Lord,
And He will give you understanding.

The Lord, your Creator,
Has called you by name.
Hear His voice,
For His love for you is everlasting.

The Lord will gather you in His arms
And carry you like a lamb
Close to His heart.

Have you not known,
And have you not heard,
That the Lord has chosen you for His own?
Abide in Him and He will abide in you.

Let the light of the Lord shine through you
So that you will bring glory
To the Lord our God.

Our Lord, who created heaven,
Gives breath to the people on earth
And His Spirit to those who abide in Him.

Lift your eyes to the Lord,
For you shall go out in joy
And be led in peace.

Praise and Glory

There is love in my heart for You, Lord,
Love You have given to me.

There is peace and joy in my soul, Lord,
Peace and joy You gave to me.

There is life everlasting for me, Lord,
Life everlasting given to me by Your grace.

There is praise and glory in my mouth, Lord,
Praise and glory for my Lord,
Jesus Christ, the King.

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