I Love You, Lord

Meditational writings of love for those who are experiencing a love for God.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

I Love You, Lord

I love You, Lord.
I praise Your holy name.
Walk with me.
Hold my hand.
Tell me of love.
I love You, Lord.
Show me Your ways;
teach me, Lord.
I give You my heart.
I love You, Lord.
Hold me close;
be with me forever.
Shine Your light
and guide me, Lord.
I love You, Lord.
I praise Your holy name.

Beloved of My Soul

Beloved of my soul, I love you so.
Beloved of my soul, I need you so.
The depth of my love is endless for You.
Now that I have found You,
I can never let You go.
You are with me always wherever I go.
No matter what the season, my love,
I will follow You.
In the spring, my heart will burst forth like
the buds on the trees.
In the summer, my heart will dance for joy
as the birds sing their melodious songs.

In the fall, my heart will reach new
heights of love as the trees and shrubs
reach their peak of beauty
as they change colors.
In the winter, my heart will die so that I
can be born again to eternal glory.
Beloved of my soul, I am on my way up
the glorious road to You.

I Can’t Escape My Lord

Lord, if I climb the highest mountain,
I would find You there.
If I went to the bottom of the sea,
You would still be there.
In the brightness of the day,
You walk beside me.
I can feel Your presence
in the stillness of the night.
In time of joy, You smile down upon me.
In time of sorrow, You comfort me.
Sweet Jesus, I see You always in the faces
of people I meet along the path
of my life.
I can never escape Your love.
Your love is vast like the universe.
Your love is gentle and soft like a
beautiful flower.
Your love is sweet like pure honey.
Because of Your great love,
I am able to love in return.
My love for You is like a circle: never ending.
My heart sings with joy,
for I am tied to You forevermore.

Love For All Seasons

Lord, I searched and searched for
someone to love, and then I found You.
Out of the depth of my heart
I pour out my love to You.
What can I compare my love to?
Does it matter what season it is?
For my love for You is for all seasons.
Who can I compare You to?
For there is none greater than You.
Just as the sand on the sea shore is
endless, my love for You is never ending.
My love for You shines bright like the
stars in the universe.
My heart is on fire for You, and I am
hopelessly in love with You.
Lord, what greater love story can there
be than my love for You and Your great
love for me for all of time?

Enter My Kingdom

I will love you forever
with an everlasting heart.
You shall be My people,
and I will be your God.
I will take you out of darkness
and bring you into the light.
Come walk, dance,
and skip along the way.
I will let you enter My Kingdom.
I will give you a white robe to wear
and a crown of glory.
I will love you forever
with an everlasting heart.


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