I Am

Meditational writings for those experiencing the Great I Am.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

I Am

I Am
the mountain, the sky,
the sea, the waterfall.

I Am
the wind, the air, the flower,
and the brook.

All creation is Mine, for
I Am.

I Am the Life

I Am the Bread;
I Am the Life.
They who eat of Me
will have life eternal.

I Am the River of Life.
They who drink of Me
will thirst no more.

I Am the Shepherd.
They who hear My voice
will follow Me.

I Am the Gate.
They who follow Me
will see My Father.

My Father’s Love

One day I left my Father.
I don’t know why or how I could.
I thought, “My Father, He is the Great I Am,
the Creator of all things.
My Father has always loved me.”
So I turned back
because I was His child.
As I turned, I looked.
I was amazed.
See how He runs towards me?
See His tears?
Look! Look! Look on the hill!
See my Father?
Look! Look! Look on the hill!
See, He runs towards me.
See my Father?
See how He loves me?

Live In Truth

I am the Father.
He who believes in Me
will have eternal life.

I am the Son.
He who believes in Me
I will take to the Father.

I am the Holy Spirit.
He who believes in Me
will receive My gifts
and will live in truth.

Child of God

I am a child of God—
a flower among weeds.
I sit in the presence of God,
and I delight in Him.
He takes me as His own
and showers me with His love.
He sustains me with His Word.
I long for Him and look for His embrace,
for He has stirred the depths of my soul
and awakened my whole being.

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