Holy Spirit

Meditational writings for those who are experiencing a new life in the Holy Spirit.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit,
fill my heart with Your love.
Let Your Spirit flow through me so that I may
show love and compassion to all people.
Let me be Your guiding light to bring my
brothers and sisters to kneel before You.
Let me be Your shepherd
in search of lost sheep.
Let me bring peace into troubled hearts.
Holy Spirit, let me be Your finger to point
to the road to Your eternal glory.
Let me be Your hands to embrace the
sick and the dying so that they can
come to You without fear.
Holy Spirit, let me be Your instrument
to help the poor of spirit find nourishment
in the Bread of Life.
Holy Spirit, let those who are lost
find the path once again to You.
Let Your love shine upon us all.

Your Spirit Touched Me

On a mountain,
I met You, Lord.

On a mountain,
we communioned, Lord.

On a mountain,
the heavens opened up.

On a mountain,
Your Spirit touched me, Lord.

Spirit of God

Spirit of God,
I love You.
Spirit of God,
descend upon me.
Spirit of God,
breathe upon me.
Spirit of God,
fill me.
Spirit of God,
bless me.
Spirit of God,
guide me.
Spirit of God,
show me Your truth.

Dry Bones

Dry bones, wake up, for the Lord is here.
Do you not feel the water flowing
over you as the Spirit of the Lord
floods the land?
You have been dead for so long,
but now there is life again.
The Spirit of the Lord
is sending the winds from the
north, south, east, and west
to breathe upon you.
Let the new flesh upon your bones
be like the new wine in new wineskins.
Repent of your sins.
Come alive.
Feel the glory of the Lord.
Let His presence in you
make you jump and cry,
The King is Here!”


The Spirit of the Lord rested upon me
and gave me new life.
He made me a new creation
so that I can spend life eternal with Him.
Glory and praise
I lift up to the Lord,
and I sing,

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