Holy Ground

Meditational writings of praise for those experiencing the presence of God.

Written by Sandie Balistreri — Copyright 2010

Holy Ground

You are standing on Holy Ground.
Lift your arms up high
and praise the Lord,
for our Lord God is in our midst.
Praise Him with trumpets and tambourines,
and give glory to our God,
the Most High.
Let His peace and joy fill you
as you stand on His Holy Ground.

Praise the Lord!

I give praise to the Lord
with all my heart.
I lift up my soul to Him.
Praise and thanksgiving
flow from my mouth.
The Lord has taken me from darkness
and brought me into the Light.
He has saved me from the pit.
Death no longer can touch me,
for the Lord has given me life.
I praise His Holy Name,
and I enter His gates with Thanksgiving.
The Lord is my life—whom shall I fear?
The sight of the Lord is precious to me.
I am the servant of the Lord,
for He has set me free
from all of my iniquities.
His love for me is everlasting.

Praise and Glory

There is LOVE in my heart for You, Lord—
love You have given to me.
There is PRAISE and JOY in my soul, Lord—
peace and joy You gave to me.
There is LIFE EVERLASTING for me, Lord—
life everlasting given to me by Your grace.
There is PRAISE and GLORY
in my mouth, Lord—
praise and glory for my Lord,
Jesus Christ, the King.

Great is the Lord

My soul magnifies the Lord,
and I give praise to His Holy Name.
The Lord is highly exalted
and worthy to be praised.
Great is the Lord.
His heart overflows with love for Me.
The Lord is gracious
and shines His face upon me.
Blessed be the Lord who watches over me
and protects me from harm.
His faithfulness is my shield
and I lift up my arms
in praise and thanksgiving.
I praise His name with singing and dancing.
The Lord is my life and my salvation,
and I give praise to His Holy Name.

I’m Going to the Mountain

I’m going to the mountain.
I’m going to rendezvous with my Beloved.
I’m going to praise the Lord.
The Lord is calling me to the mountain.
He beckons me to be with Him.
I can feel His strength in the mountain.
I can feel His love for me.
There is beauty in the mountain.
There is peace and joy for me.
I will lift up my arms and praise the Lord,
and I will thank him for His blessings.
The Lord will commune there with me, and
I will be filled with joy.
I am on my way to the mountain.
I am going to the Lord.



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