September 2016: Fifth Month

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It feels great to be back in the Wausau area. This is a place you would want to call home: unless, of course, God wants you living somewhere else. But it surely is a great place to come for a vacation any time of year. Our first week, we went to Christian Assembly church, only to find that the temporary pastor was our pastor from Milwaukee over 25 years ago! Unfortunately, they were having a meeting after church to vote in a more permanent pastor, but we would be back! During the week we mailed out our latest brochure, the second since we have been on the road. Our 4+ months on the road have caused our mailing list to grow by leaps and bounds! So many people have had such an interest that we are equipping Pastors and everyday people with more information about their Judeo-Christian roots. If you would like more information, go to the brochure section of this website.

The second week, we went to Crossroads Church. It was a small congregation. Even though the Pastor was not very interested in what we had to say, other people wanted us to come back and speak to the congregation. One older lady asked us for a prayer shawl, because she had always wanted to have one. We were happy to accommodate her and she was so happy that we could.

The third week in Wausau, we went back to Christian Assembly since our first week there was when they were voting for the new pastor, and we were glad that we did come back. Our pastor friend was very open to what we had to say, and so were many other people. One man in particular had been praying since the first week we came, because he had seen us but didn’t get a chance to talk with us. We had a wonderful time talking with him not only at church, but he took us out for lunch to continue our fellowship. As we spoke, we found that our life stories were very similar, and it was a time of mutual encouragement. On that Wednesday morning, we went back to Christian Assembly again because they had a service and a brunch for their “young at heart” congregants. We had a very nice time and we were able to help those seniors who had difficulty getting around. That evening we returned once again to attend a Bible study. We were truly blessed spending time with this congregation, and we hope that we were also a blessing to them.

Thursday morning it was time to once again have to say goodbye to the Wausau area and the friends we so missed, but not before we were able to bless a young hotel worker who was going through some trying times. Now we were headed for Waupun. We stopped in Green Lake because one of our 500 towns and places that God had given us was Pineapple Hill Orchard. We had a very nice time walking the grounds and seeing the trees full of red, ripe apples. The landscaping was very nice, and so was the man who took care of us. I recommend anyone in the area to stop in, and oh! by the way, the apples were delicious! When we first pulled up to the orchard, our brake line broke, and we had to drive to Waupun with just our front brakes. God was faithful, just as He always has been, to get us there safely. The hotel was not even two years old, and so it was in excellent condition.

On Sunday we went to Crossroads Community Church and found people very friendly and interested. The pastor was just beginning a sermon series about the Ten Commandments, and he told us that God sent us because he was having feelings about things but did not know where to go to get the answers. Another person that was there was a man staying at our hotel, so we asked him to lunch. He has a home in the area, but needed to stay in the hotel while it was being repaired. We were able to encourage him, and he was a great help to us by lending us tools to finish working on our vehicle.

Well the car was fixed and now we were off to see the town of Waupun. Waupun is the City of Sculpture. Most of the sculptures were made by Clarence Shaler. While out viewing these sculptures, we ran into two older ladies in the park who were in need of prayer. God once again led us at the right time to the right place.

That night, a bus of people from the Netherlands stayed at the hotel. They were going throughout Wisconsin visiting different farms. Unfortunately, many of them did not speak English. On Wednesday afternoon, we went to a candy store that was less than a block from us. All of their candies and other treats were all made right there. Mmm, good! That evening we went back to Crossroads for their Wednesday night Bible study. We were able to talk to the pastor in a more personal setting and the people there said that we should come back again when we were in the area.

The next day we packed and loaded up to head to Mequon where we began our second leg of our journey two months ago. On Friday, we celebrated Bob’s father’s birthday. On Sunday we went to Evangel in Milwaukee. Evangel was the church that we attended when we had done so much of our ministry work in Milwaukee. It was the church that both of my parents were buried out of. We have so many memories that come out of this church. To us this was coming full circle. The pastor and the people were very happy to see us. On Monday we got together with our friends from New Life church for a time of prayer and fellowship, and on Wednesday night we had a Bible study at one of their homes.

Mequon was a great stay because it is so near to many of our friends and family. But the day came that we had to pack up and head for Milwaukee to complete that circle that God was bringing us to eight years later. On Thursday, we got together with the pastor of Evangel to talk about putting up a sukkah in the church for the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot), and maybe other Biblical feast days, as well as doing a Bible study like we did in Cedarburg. All we need is to find a house (preferably furnished since we have no furniture or beds) to live in till next spring. Find out next month! One thing I know is that God is faithful!

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