Our Lives have been a series of New Beginnings

We ended our story going into the year 2020. We knew that God wanted us to move on, but what we didn’t know is that He wanted us to physically move on.

We began to pray about this in July of 2019, we felt on one hand that God wanted us to move and on the other hand we felt like God wanted us to stay. Being that we were doing all of these gatherings for the feast days, we decided to continue praying in January. So as we finished with Hanukkah, we felt that we better not wait any longer because we were going to have to sign a new lease in February 2021. We were so uncertain that we thought something must be wrong, because we just could not hear God clearly. The day came and we had no definite answer so all we could do was sign our lease for another year. Maybe we were wrong about moving. Maybe God just wanted us to go to another church to do our work. Two weeks after we signed our lease, God said to us, “Now you are going to break your lease.” Our jaws dropped. What! We thought. So once again we began to pray about moving, but this time we were paying about where. We prayed in February, March, April, May, still not sure where. With the Covid pandemic we could not have any gatherings, but a few brave souls gathered with us for the Passover Seder. In our state we could have a gathering no larger than ten people, so once again, these same people came to celebrate Pentecost. Our search continued. We looked at a few homes, but it seemed that every time, no matter which town it was, as soon as we saw a house we liked, someone already placed a bid on it. Now it was August and we had nothing to show for our praying. We found ourselves looking further and further North, till we found ourselves right back where we started from five years ago. When this happened I remembered a Word that the Lord spoke to me thirty- eight years ago. I knew that the first part of this was fulfilled when we moved up North the first time and now I could understand the second part. It all made sense. We went to see a house and yes, no one had made an offer on it except us. They accepted and we gave notice that we were breaking our lease and everything fell into place. So here we are, back up North, friends again with our old neighbors. We did not have to learn a new area or  even get a new doctor. It was like the last five years never happened. Since we have been gone a new church started in the area and we have been able to become part of their church family. God has a new work for us to do, this second time around and we find ourselves very content in where God has us.

We have begun 2021 by starting a podcast on our website. We have written a new Bible study called “In the Beginning” which is on our podcast along with “Grafted-In” and “Holiness” and soon our other studies will be on also. God is always faithful to those who seek Him. We look forward to what God has for us to do, but one thing we do know is that God told us that our days of wondering are over. As we walk with Him going forward, we know that we may be doing different things over these next years, but this new beginning will become a very long chapter in our lives. Thanks for reading our story. Do continue to follow us on social media and on our website. There is always something new there.

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