May 2016: The Journey Begins

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The day came, May 1st, 2016, that we drove away from our family once again, not knowing what would lay ahead. With our vehicles once again full and our cat still along for the ride, we left for Green Bay along the route we had planned. We could only wonder, what exactly was it that we were going to do? We came to our hotel that day and unpacked the car and honestly felt like we didn’t know what we were doing here or what the future would be. What we did know was that we should go to the nearby Central Church on Wednesday night and speak to whoever came our way. We found the people there were very receptive and welcomed us. They invited us to come to the Sunday morning service, and after that to the Sunday night gathering. In the almost two weeks we were in Green Bay, God had opened doors for us to speak about the Jewish roots of our faith and to minister to people not only at the church, but at the hotel.

Again starting to feel comfortable, we had to pick up and leave, this time to Sturgeon Bay. Following suit from Green Bay, we went to the Sunday service at Family Worship Center, which happened to be their Pentecost Sunday service. We knew that it was not the Biblical day of Pentecost, but instead the date according to the Church. This opened up an opportunity to speak to the issue of the Jewish roots of the Bible and the importance of understanding the Biblical Appointed Times. We were aided in this explanation by our brochures on the Biblical feast days. We found people were very interested, and they invited us back for the Sunday night service. So warm was our welcome that we were encouraged to not only attend the ladies’ Bible study on Wednesday morning, but to speak to their group about our journey. They even took up a collection for us! We were also able to share some of our Sandiegrams. The Sandiegrams are writings God had given to my mother, and all of them can be found on our website. Two ladies came on Wednesday to visit with us further, and we greatly enjoyed the time we spent with them. That evening, we also attended the Wednesday night service where we had to say a bittersweet goodbye to those who had become friends so quickly. In addition to people we reached at the church, we found people at the hotel with deep wounds and were able to minister to them.

Once again, we found that the time went quickly and it was time to move on, this time to the Plover/Stevens Point area. I must say, even though we were ministering to people and doing God’s work, the question remained in the back of our minds, when were we going back home? Quickly, however, we realized we have no home to go back to! This certainly was a time for crucifying the flesh and emptying ourselves, the very work that God said He would do in us. In Plover, we found that the pastor of Highland Church was interested, but could not stay to speak with us, for he had missionaries from Europe speaking to the church that day. So we had to wait till Wednesday. The hotel was slow, and there were not many people to speak to. The activity we had previously experienced was starkly contrasted against our current state of affairs. But the Wednesday night service came, and we found people, including the pastor, who were so open to what we had to say that when we left Plover, we knew that God had used us there.

From Plover we went to Eau Claire. On arrival at the Harvestime Church on Sunday, there was a couple who greeted us in the parking lot. They were interested in the Jewish roots, and introduced us to the pastor, who was very open as well; in fact, he had built a sukkah in the Sanctuary for the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). He also had Messianic teachers come in to teach at his congregation. We met another couple there who extended hospitality toward us and had us over for dinner. They too lived by faith, and they have a burden for the Jewish people. We had a nice time of fellowship and prayer at their home and were able to share a lot of testimony. They also gave us a name of a couple in Canada that helps Jewish people travel to Israel. At the hotel, we met yet another couple who were travelling to Ohio. They felt they were being led into a Messianic ministry, and we gave them some of our brochures. We experienced a very warm welcome in Eau Claire.

And so ended our first month on the road. We continued to be filled with excitement about all that God was doing through us and others in the church, bringing awareness to the Jewishness of God’s Word. We left Eau Claire for Tomah to begin our second month. As we were on the way there, we heard a loud noise from the car. We wondered, what was that? We didn’t see anything and the car was still going, so we kinda forgot all about it…



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