March 2017: Eleventh Month

It is now March, and spring is beginning to be in the air. We have lived in a hotel for ten months, except for the two and a half months at the church, which was very much like a hotel because people came and went morning, noon and night. Wondering if we ever will live in a house again, we continue to seek God. Day after day we see the people come and go and on the weekends there have been so many sports groups. We have had baseball teams, soccer teams, bowling teams, swimming teams and basketball teams. We have had funeral groups and wedding groups. With all of these people we have had a chance to minister to them, help many of them, and just have some good old conversation with them. It has not been dull. People from all over the United States, everyone different and yet everyone still the same. Many different political views, many different religious views, and yet we have one thing in common: we are all Americans. I must say, our experience has been very interesting to say the least, but we still long to move on.

It has been nice to be back home for the winter months, though I must say, we really did not see much of our family and friends. Sunday we went to a new church, Shorepoint City Church, and when we walked in, the first person we saw was a lady that we have not seen for about 21 years. It was so good to see her and her son. Then we saw another couple that we had not seen for at least 10 years. It was so good to see all of these people. That afternoon, we had some trouble at the hotel. A lady was beating up her boyfriend in the lobby and had to be taken away by the police.

We have been praying about Passover and where to find a place to live. We have inquired about many places and went to see some of them, but God has not made the way for us, but we continue to wait upon Him and we are confident that He will open that door. March 10th marked the second year of our new ministry. It was also the same day that we incorporated our first ministry in 1993. So many years have come and gone, and we have followed the Lord’s lead, and He has always been faithful to us. He has brought us this far, and we know that He will lead us all the way.

March 12th was the celebration of Purim. Purim is the celebration of victory in the book of Esther. It was a fun time as always and we thought, who knows, maybe we’ll have our own victory today. We went back to Evangel Church, and everyone was so happy to see us, and we were happy to see them. We celebrated Purim in a very untraditional way: hamburgers and cupcakes. I guess a celebration is a celebration.

On Tuesday we went to see an apartment, and guess what? We actually got to the point were we filled out an application, and you guessed it, we got approved! God is so good. Since May 1st we had been living in a hotel except for the short time we stayed at Evangel, and to be finally going to a place where we can call home is nice.

So Sunday we began moving in. We have no furniture, but it is still a job to move our things out of our storage sheds just using our cars, but it is a job that we have long waited for. Knowing that we will be signing a year lease, we have anxious anticipation wondering what God will have us doing, being that we thought that we would be continuing on the road. Whatever door He opens, we know that it will be exciting.

Moving day, or should say I week, continued, and Bob and Colleen were sick. WOW! Taking everything out of the hotel after being there for 77 days was the easy part because of the elevator, but the hard part is emptying our sheds using the two cars and then carrying everything up to the second floor through a locked door.

Day three of the move. Oh my gosh, do we have the stuff! I can’t believe that we still have all the things we have. Goodwill here we come. We are slowly meeting people. This is a 110-unit complex and there are people and kids everywhere. We are looking forward to warmer weather and having a chance to say more than just “Hi.”

Two ambulances showed up here within our first week. Many older people live here. Hopefully all is well with them, but not all is well with me. I pulled something in my back and re-injured a tailbone injury that really never left me from five years ago. I’ve been in bed for most of the days this entire week. I can only hope for better days. We have been preparing for Passover now that our move is officially over, and are anxiously waiting to see what God does now that we are settled.

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