August 2016: Month Four

Show Your Friends!

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Now that we had a time of reuniting with our family and friends and our storage shed, we headed off to Sturgeon Bay once again for a family wedding in Door County. It is very interesting that at the start of our travels we came up this way when we went to Green Bay, and now after being home again for a week we were beginning here again! We were greatly looking forward to seeing our new friends at the Family Worship Center in Sturgeon Bay.

On the way up north, we took the Schooner Trail because that is one of the 500 places God had told us to go. Our first stop on the trail was Manitowoc. But on our way there, in Sheboygan Falls, we experienced vehicle trouble: our muffler had fallen and was dragging on the road. But God is always faithful, as it fell by a Mobile gas station, and right down the block was a hardware store. A little wire and we were good to go! Manitowoc is where the Schooner Trail begins unless you take the trail from the north to the south, then it would begin in Sturgeon Bay. At each stop along the trail, we got out to take pictures of the lighthouses and read about the sunken ships. At Two Rivers, we stopped at the Fisherman’s Village and had a great talk with the man who was in charge of the tour/gift shop there. He spoke French and told us that the city of Two Rivers has an English side and a French side, and we were standing on the latter. Who knew!

After a day of lots of fresh lake air, we arrived in Sturgeon Bay. We found out that the tall ships were in town on their way to Green Bay, which really was a great way to complete the trip. At the hotel, Bob had a chance to speak to a retired gentleman who was doing a work for the homeless. The man expressed that he was dissatisfied with the way the church has gotten away from its roots, and he seemed interested in learning more about the Messianic movement. On Sunday, we returned to Family Worship Center, the church we had attended during our first stop in Sturgeon Bay. The man who was the pastor for the senior group was headed for Japan to do missionary work, and his wife was interested in the Hebrew roots and informed us that the people of Japan have some cultural similarities to Judaism. We had a very nice time getting together with our friends Audrey and Carla on Sunday afternoon. Good friends, family, and a time to celebrate, but once again it was time to move on.

So we left for New London. New London was a nice town, and the hotel was also nice. We had a chance to talk with many people at the hotel. On Wednesday night we went to Living Waters Church for a Bible study and got to break the ice in preparation for the weekly service. We returned on Sunday and continued our talk with the pastor and several other people. The man who led a Sunday morning Bible study asked us to lunch, but it did not work out. So instead he came over with a friend to our hotel later that day and we had a great time of fellowship. It is always amazing that when people gather in Messiah, we are like family. We had a great discussion for two hours and we were able to spur them on to encourage deeper conversation within their church. Over the last four months we have made such good friends with people in churches and in the hotels, and though we may not see these people again, or at least not for a while, we know that we will always remember them.

Our ten days in New London went by so quickly, and now we were on our way back to Plover for a quick stay. We went on Sunday to Evergreen Church in Stevens Point. On arriving, we found another church in transition. This church seems like it has had to move from place to place and just wants a place to call home. We know how they feel! There was a church camp at Spencer Lake, but they still held a service at the church for those who are not the camping type. Those were the people that we had a very nice worship service with. The leading of the Spirit was felt in the music as well as in the message. We were able to inspire them to not let their circumstances be a discouragement. The man who gave the sermon was very nice and he was interested in all that we had to say, as were many of the people who were there that day. We wish them all the best.

But now our stay in Plover has come to an end and we head up to Wausau for an extended stay. How strange to find ourselves back in Wausau exactly one year after we left to move down to Cedarburg! We will find out what that is all about as we begin our fifth month.

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