April 2017: One Year

So we start the month in our new apartment, slowly meeting some of the people who live here. As the month begins, we celebrated 19 years of keeping the Sabbath.

And then, a tragedy. We get a call from where Bob works that he had an accident and was on his way to the hospital. We learned that he fell 10 feet to the ground while he and another guy were moving a beam and apparently the other guy somehow lost control and the beam hit Bob, causing him to fall. Bob was on a respirator and they had him in a medically-induced coma for week. He had multiple fractures near his eye and a fractured pelvis, along with bleeding of his brain. We began calling people to pray, and those people called other people to pray, and eventually we had people all over the country praying for Bob. Even when I went to the bank, the teller prayed with me and the guy next to her asked for Bob’s name so he could pray for him. God just brought all kinds of people our way who began praying for Bob. We knew God was in control and He was surrounding us with people who prayed.

Days went by, and Bob’s condition was the same, still critical. With Passover drawing closer and closer, and knowing that we had people coming to the Seder Meal, we were pressed for time to prepare for all of this. On Sunday, they tried to put a trach (throat breathing tube) and stomach feeding tube in Bob so that they could take the tubes out of his mouth, but he developed pneumonia and had a 103 temperature, so the operation had to be postponed till the next day, the day of the Seder.

But God was faithful, and we had the Seder on April 10th, the Biblical day that Yeshua (Jesus) died (14th of Nisan). It began pouring out about three o’clock, and it rained through about six. We had six people join us despite the pouring rain, and we had a very nice time. On April 12th, the Biblical day of the Resurrection (16th of Nisan), Bob also rose and he was alert and began breathing on his own. They took the respirator off and he began mouthing words. With the trach in, He could not speak for a couple of days. They had him up walking (with help of course), and he was happy to see all of us, but he still had many issues. With brain injuries, there can be brain damage, and the extent of all that was still to be determined. But for today, as the rest of the Christians celebrate the traditional church date for the Resurrection, we were happy to have had our own resurrection miracle.

As time went by Bob was getting better and he was talking and even calling us on the phone, but at times he would say things that were not correct or that didn’t make sense. But we felt that in time, God would take care of all of that. On the final Friday of the month, Bob was released from the hospital and came back home with us. It is hard to believe that Bob is back home already after suffering a traumatic brain injury less than a month ago, but with God all things are possible, and by the stripes of our Messiah we are healed.

We were blessed by people bringing us meals, and many people donated furniture that we still needed, and many well-wishers came and went. We would like to thank Evangel Church for all their support in coordinating all these blessings and all the guys who helped us move all that furniture. God bless you all!

So here we were at the end of the month and all we could do was to think of our past year, starting last May 1st and all the places God has taken us to and all the people that we have met, many of whom we still have contact with. It has been quite the year, and so now we look forward to our next year. We know we will be here in this area of the state because of the one-year lease of our apartment, but the questions are, “Why here?” and “What does God have planned for us?” I think we are about to find out.

So this will be the end of our monthly log, but if something needs to be told, we will be telling it. So happy travels, and till we write again, God go with you.


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