Do I Have A Story For You, Esther.

This is a Biblical story with a modern twist

taken from the Book of Esther

(This story is for children 11+ years old.)

I want to tell you a story about a young girl who lived with her cousin Mort.This girl’s mother and father had died. If not for her cousin , she would have been an orphan, but Mort adopted her. Her name was Hadassah, but her friends called her Haddie.  Haddie and Mort were taken as exiles years ago when their village was overtaken by an invading army. Years later Mort got a job working for the government, in fact, he worked in the king’s palace. Haddie grew up to be a beautiful young lady.

One day as she was walking down the street, she was grabbed by two men. Haddie cried out, but no one could hear her. She found herself in a room with other girls who had been taken. She asked, “Why am I here?” And the man in charge said, “Because my master has brought all you girls here for him to look you over.” The girls were put in the custody of a man named Hegai. Years ago they would have called him a eunuch, but today we would call a man like this a woman. Haddie found favor with Hegai. She gave her the finest cosmetics and plenty of food to eat, fine clothing and even gave her a maid to wait on her. When Mort found out that Haddie had been abducted, he searched for her until he found out that she was being prepared for the king. Mort who worked in the  palace sought her out and found her with the other girls who had been taken. He convinced Hegai to let him speak to her. Mort said to Haddie , “Do not tell the king or anyone else anything about yourself, ”as he put his arm around her. He told her that he would keep an eye on her the best he could to see to it that she would be all right. 

A year had come and gone and the day came that Haddie was called in to the king’s chambers. She spent the night with the king and in the morning she found herself being taken to another place that girls were being kept. This place was supervised by another eunuch called Shaas. Now Haddie found herself on call to the king. Even though she could ask for anything when in the king’s presence, she asked for nothing. The king grew to love Haddie and he took her for his wife and changed her name to Esther. Esther  became the queen and the king gave a great banquet in her honor.

 While in the courtyard of the palace Mort heard two men talking about assassinating the king. Mort immediately sought an audience with the queen.  Mort told Esther  about the plot to assassinate the king. Esther knew that this would be a break for her cousin to be promoted, so she quickly ran off to tell the king what Mort had told her. When the plot was investigated it was found to be true and the king was so thankful that he said that he would remember Mort and had his name written down for further consideration. 

The king’s right hand man was named Herman and he hated Mort. Herman would walk through the courtyard of the palace and he would demand that people would bow to him and praise him with great applause,  for the Scripture tells us in John 12:43,  “ For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” But Mort would have none of it. The more Herman saw Mort the more he would get enraged, till one day Herman went to the king to see if the king liked his new idea. Herman said to the king, “There are certain people scattered and dispersed among the peoples in all of your kingdom; their laws and ways, their thinking is different from those of all other  people, and they do not agree with the king. If it is pleasing to the king, let us make a law that will not only cancel out these people, but actually destroy them. I will pay ten thousand dollars to anyone who will carry out the king’s business.” Micah 2:1 tells us this,  “Woe to those who devise wrongdoing, who practice evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it, because it is in the power of their hands.”   And Psalm 36:4 also says, “ He plans wickedness on his bed; he sets himself on a path that is not good; he does not reject evil.” The king said, “What a splendid  idea.  Do to them as you please,” and he wrote an Executive Order so that the plan would be carried out.  

Once again, Mort heard about Herman’s plans and he once again got word to the queen through her attendant. You see Mort and Esther were Jewish and Herman’s plot would not only cancel out the Jewish people, but exterminate them. Mort told Esther that she had to go to the king.  Esther texted back to Mort, “You just don’t go to the king. You have to be summoned first or else he can command that you be put to death, unless he puts out his scepter to you.” Mort forcefully replied back to Esther, “Do not think that just because you are in the king’s palace that you will escape any more than any other Jew. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish.”  He went on to say to Esther, “And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” 

Esther could not respond to Mort’s words except to say, “Go assemble all the Jews who are in the city, and fast and pray for me for three days and I and my maidens will also fast, and then I will go and see the king, and if I perish, I perish.” As Esther was praying all she could think about was Mort’s words, “Maybe you are the queen at this time for a reason such as this.” And she continued to think that maybe her abduction and the whole terrible experience has been for a reason and that reason has been turned around for good. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us that we should, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” The more she prayed the stronger she got, and the stronger she got, the more courageous she became. 

After the third day Esther put on her royal garments and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace, right outside of the throne room . The king was sitting on his royal throne and he happened to see the queen standing just outside of the doorway. When their eyes met Esther instantly thought, “ Well, If I perish, I perish!” All of the king’s attendants looked with anxiety wondering what the king would do about this breach of law. The king reached out to her with his scepter and Esther took a sigh of relief.  Psalm 21:1 tells us,  “The king’s heart in the Lord’s hand is like streams of water,  He directs it wherever He pleases.”The king said to her with concern, “What is troubling you, Esther? And what is your request? Even to half of the kingdom it will be given to you.”

To Esther’s surprise, the king was very gracious to her and it caught her off guard. She said, “If it pleases the king, may the king and Herman come this day to the banquet that I have prepared for you.” The king was glad that Esther went through the trouble of having this gathering for him and Herman. That evening after everyone ate and drank and had a great time, the king turned to Esther and said, “Now what is your petition, for it shall be granted to you. I will give you your request even to half of the kingdom.” The time had come that Esther was dreading. How does she tell him that his friend Herman wants to annihilate her people. She just could not bring herself to say it, so she said, “This was so much fun, let’s do it again tomorrow.” Well, the king was for it, and Herman was for it, so they both said, “All right, it’s a date!” 

That night the king could not sleep and he requested that the Book of Records be brought in and read to him. As it was being read it was reported that Mort had saved his life. The king immediately said, “I had forgotten this.”  The king asked, “Who is still up that I can plan something to show my gratitude?”  His aid said, “Herman, my king.” “Well, go get him and tell him I want to speak with him.” When Herman came into the king, immediately the king asked him, “What do you think I should do for a man whom the king desires to honor?”  Herman, as usual, thinking that the king was speaking about him, and because Herman was so prideful, and he thought that the kingdom could not exist if it were not for him, tells the king just how he would like to be honored. He says, “Let them bring this man the finest of clothing, fit for a king. And let him ride in the best of the king’s cars, like a parade, with a top official driving him around the streets of the city crying out, “This is a man worthy of the king.” The king said, “Herman, what an excellent idea, this will certainly show the people that I love them.” The king told Herman, “Quick and do as you have just said, for Mort and you can be that top official who drives him around telling the people how much I think about him.” Herman drops his jaw and says “What?”  I find it ironic, I guess Herman didn’t know anything about the Golden Rule, “Do for others what you want them to do for you. This is the teaching of the laws of Moses in a nutshell.”  (Matthew 7:12So Herman finds himself bowing down to Mort, instead of Mort bowing down to him.  The Bible says,  “Pride goes before a fall.”  In this case it should say, Pride goes before a bow. 

By the time Herman was done driving Mort around the city it was time to meet the king and Esther. After the meal, the king said to Esther again, “Ok, now tell me what’s on your mind.” Esther said to him, “If you love me then  allow me and my people to live.” The king said, “What!  “What are you talking about?” “My people are to be annihilated and that is for me also,” said Esther as she was crying. The king said, “ Who is trying to kill my queen?”  Esther quickly pointed to Herman and said,  “He is!” Herman became terrified by the queen’s revelation and before he could explain, the king ordered the guards to arrest him. The king ordered Herman and his family to be executed by hanging. We see here the Biblical law of measure for measure. The king promoted Mort to Herman’s position and the Jewish people were saved. 

We see clearly here that what man meant for evil God turned it around for good.

So the question is,  “How about you?” 

“Is God calling you to do something?”

Maybe you are afraid like Esther was.

God tells Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. 

Today you may not see what those plans are, but one day you too may say, “Maybe I am here for such a time as this.”

Maybe He is calling you into the ministry.

Maybe He wants you to speak to a friend about their lifestyle.

Let’s pray….Father, we ask you today to show those whom you are calling, that they have no need to fear. Father we know that you give strength to those who need strength, and that you equip everyone you have called. We also know Father, that You are always with us, no matter  what, and because of that, we can have peace. Father, today we pray that You show us clearly what Your will is in our lives. Fill us with Your peace and Your love, so when the day comes, when we may say, “It is for a time as this that I have been called,” we will be able to be like Esther and say, “If I perish, I perish” and if I do, I know that I will be with You Father for eternity.


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