Monthly Newsletter—The Clarion

The Clarion is a monthly newsletter that we mail out in physical and digital form. The content of the newsletter includes some of the familiar material from this website—for example, in each newsletter we include the monthly teaching, and sometimes we will excerpt a brochure. However, you will also find material that is not found on our website. Each month, you will learn a new Hebrew letter. You will have access to a new Jewish recipe and interesting facts about Jewish traditions. You will have access to teachings and articles which are not published on our website. By subscribing, you will receive the digital edition of the newsletter each month as an email. Or, check back on this archive page to download the PDF form of the newsletter each month.


  • Volume 1, Issue 1 (May 2020)
    • Running with Horses, Part 1
    • Coronavirus: “Lord, Don’t You Care That We Perish?”
    • Photos from Passover
  • Volume 1, Issue 2 (June 2020)
    • Running with Horses, Part 2
    • Brochure: Is the Cross Politically Correct?
    • Jewish Recipe—Challah
    • Hebrew letter: aleph
  • Volume 1, Issue 3 (July 2020)
    • Running with Horses, Part 3
    • Veiled Faces
    • Brochure: Where Did the Kingdom Go?
    • Jewish Recipe—Israeli Orzo Salad
    • Hebrew letter: bet
  • Volume 1, Issue 4 (August 2020)
    • Running with Horses, Part 4
    • Excerpts on Persecution
    • No Longer a Lump of Clay
    • Jewish Recipe—Shabbat Salad
    • Hebrew letter: gimel
  • Volume 1, Issue 5 (September 2020)
    • Running with Horses, Part 5
    • Excerpts on Discipleship and Prayer
    • Jewish Recipe—Jewish Apple Cake
    • Hebrew letter: dalet