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First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit Judeochristianclarion.com If you are hurting, you came to the right place. The First Aid Kit is designed to help those who do not know where to turn for help. We also suggest that you listen to our podcasts called “Encouraging Moments” and also our “Sandiegrams.” Suicide Jesus loves you, that is […]

Elementary Principles Bible Study

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Paul Bible Study

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Holiness Bible Study

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Grafted In Bible Study

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In The Beginning Bible Study

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Write down everything that you are thankful for.

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Pilgrim, Coloring Page.

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Justification The main theme of Romans is the justification of sinners. Justification is the way in which God accepts a sinful human being and sets them in a place of right-standing through Yeshua. In Classical Greek, the word interpreted as “justification” meant punishment or condemnation, like that in a legal system. In Scripture, however, it […]

I am a rose of Sharon, coloring page

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