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Judeo-Christian teachings about Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus, Judeo-Christian beliefs, and much more!


A term we do not hear much about any longer is Judeo-Christian. That means our faith is based upon the Hebrew Scriptures. Christianity begins it’s faith at the time of creation. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

God is Light

In today’s world, we live at such a fast pace and there are so many pressures placed upon us that we don’t really have time to think about what is going on around us. The days go by so fast that we have such little time, and so we neglect our spiritual selves. So we walk in our darkness, and we stumble and fall; and many times we don’t pick ourselves up, but we stay in our fallen condition. We feel that God is not with us, or doesn’t even care; because if He did, we would not have such pressure and problems to deal with. But God so loved us that He made a way for us in the darkness to walk in the light. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s a Wonderful Life

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey is given a special gift to be able to see what life would have been like in Bedford Falls if he would not have been born. As he saw, a lot of good happened because he was born and lived the life that he lived. So with that in mind I ask the question, “What if Moses had not been born?”

Pentecost: The Birthday of the Church

If Pentecost was the giving of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church, was the first Pentecost, which was the giving of the Torah, its conception? Let’s take a closer look.

True Discipleship

We want to take a closer look at discipleship because we need to know in these end times what true discipleship is or else we will not be a true disciple of Yeshua.

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