Judeo-Christian Clarion — Paul, Bible Study

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 7.

Paul Under Fire The last thing we are going to look at in this study is the trials of Paul. As Paul spread the good news around the known world, he experienced the joy of fellowship as well as the bitterness of persecution. We can learn a lot about Paul by examining the stories surrounding […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 6.

*The next verse in Galatians continues this thought: “Now that no one is justified by the Torah before God is evident; for, ‘The righteous man shall live by faith.’” Since nobody is able to perfectly obey the Torah, and are thus under a curse, it cannot be through obedience that we are justified, otherwise everyone […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 5.

Matters of Conscience  Another part of Romans which has been widely misunderstood is Romans 14. Many believers read this chapter and go away believing that through Yeshua, God has gotten rid of the dietary laws of Leviticus 11 and the Biblical Sabbath day. Many believe that these are just matters of conscience. We will take […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 4.

Dying to Our Sinful Nature As we move on now to Romans 7, we see Paul speaking to his Jewish brethren at the congregation in Rome. The chapter begins, saying: “Or do you not know, brethren (for I am speaking to those who know the Torah), that the Torah has jurisdiction over a person as […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 3.

Justification The main theme of Romans is the justification of sinners. Justification is the way in which God accepts a sinful human being and sets them in a place of right-standing through Yeshua. In Classical Greek, the word interpreted as “justification” meant punishment or condemnation, like that in a legal system. In Scripture, however, it […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 2.

The Jerusalem Council The debate over how people were saved affected all of the varied sects and denominations of Judaism, especially the Way. In Acts 15, we find a debate which we have lost perspective on through the years. Unless we understand the worldviews of those who are debating, we cannot truly grasp the meaning […]

Paul Bible Study, Lesson 1.

Paul Paul is the number one person people quote when talking about Christianity. This is most likely due to the fact that nearly half of the New Testament is attributed to his authorship. Sometimes it would seem as if he, rather than Christ, is the foundation of Christianity. When attempts are made to understand the […]