Judeo-Christian Clarion — Elementary Principles

Elementary Principles, Part 9

Conclusion In the first lesson of this study, we began by bringing attention to the root of our individual faith and the way that we may live that faith in our daily walk. As believers, we have been redeemed from the old sinful practices of the world and are called to walk in newness of […]

Elementary Principles, Part 8

Eternal Judgment Finally we have arrived at the sixth and final element in our series. In the previous lesson we discussed the resurrection, and now we are moving on to the teaching on eternal judgment. As we touched on in the last lesson, the resurrection and the judgment are connected to each other by their […]

Elementary Principles, Part 7.

Resurrection of the Dead As we have examined the elementary principles listed in Hebrews 6:1-2, we have been investigating what Scripture has to say about each of these themes, and additionally we have compared these principles to those found in the Didache, a catechism from the early believing community. The previous four principles which we […]

Elementary Principles, Part 6

Laying on of Hands Now we have come to the fourth element in our list of six foundational principles. The phrase “laying on of hands” may conjure drastically different images in the minds of various groups within Christianity. Some upon hearing these words immediately turn their thoughts to laying hands on an individual for divine […]

Elementary Principles, Part 5

Instruction About Washings The previous lessons have attempted to explain the first two principles listed in Hebrews 6:1-2. Both, as we saw, were fairly obvious personal characteristics a believer must be educated in upon accepting belief in Yeshua as the Messiah. If we sat down and came up with a list of necessary principles a […]

Elementary Principles, Part 4

Faith Toward God After mentioning the doctrine of repentance, the next item in the list contained in Hebrews 6:1-2 is “faith toward God.” We as believers are a people of faith. Our faith is what defines us. In order to apply the previous lesson’s discussion on repentance, we must have faith in God, believing that […]

Elementary Principles, Part 3.

Repentance from Dead Works The first principle in the list contained in Hebrews 6:1-2 is repentance, and this should be no surprise. Repentance is one of the constants in Scripture, one of the foundational elements of our faith. But what exactly is repentance? How are we to understand it and apply it in our lives? […]

Elementary Principles, Part 2

Didache Of the three documents listed above, the most interesting and relevant to our current study is the Didache. The word didache is Greek for “teaching/instruction.” The full title of the work is translated as, “The Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles Through the Twelve Apostles.” This title indicates that the body of instruction […]

Elementary Principles, Part 1

The label “Christian” says quite a bit about the one who accepts it upon himself. One who bears this title associates their own identity with the Christ, the Messiah of Israel whose coming was proclaimed by the Scriptures. In calling themselves Christian, they declare that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and so they will follow […]