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A modern twist to Biblical stories

Remembering Our Grandparents With Love

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The Story Of Jonah

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Do I Have A Story For You, Daniel.

Kids Corner                                 JudeoChristianClarion.Com                         Do I have a story for you… One day Daniel’s town was invaded by a king named Nebe-nezzer. He had his men gather all the people and they took the people to the place that  Nebe-nezzer ruled as king. Daniel was not alone because his three friends were with him. The […]

Facts About Pentecost

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He Has Risen!

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Purim Story

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The Story Of Hanukkah

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Do I Have A Story For You, Ruth.

This is a story with a modern twist, taken from the Book of Ruth One day a man named Elim and his wife Naomi  and their two sons Lon and Leon left their hometown and traveled to a foriegn land, because there was such a great famine. Coming as refugees, they did not know anyone. […]

Do I Have A Story For You- David & John

This is a Biblical story with a modern twist. Taken from 1 Samuel 16- 2 Samuel 1 There was a king whose name was Saul and he had a son named John. John was in the army of his father and he had great success in fighting the enemy. One day  a village man sent his […]

Do I Have A Story For You, Esther.

This is a Biblical story with a modern twist taken from the Book of Esther (This story is for children 11+ years old.) I want to tell you a story about a young girl who lived with her cousin Mort.This girl’s mother and father had died. If not for her cousin , she would have […]