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The Clarion, Oct. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 10       www.judeochristianclarion.com               October, 2022 Welcome It is amazing how fast the cycle of life comes and goes. Once again we find ourselves in Fall. We planted our seeds and watched them grow and harvested our fruits and vegetables and now we are […]

The Clarion, Sept. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 9       www.judeochristianclarion.com               September, 2022           Welcome September is a time to say good-bye to Summer and hello to Fall. The kids go back to school, football begins once again and the leaves begin to turn and fall. It […]

The Clarion, Aug. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 8      www.judeochristianclarion.com               August, 2022 Welcome The middle of July to the middle of August is known as the dog days of summer. The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “diēs caniculārēs” or “dog days.” The name came about because […]

The Clarion, July 2022

Volume 3, Issue 7       www.judeochristianclarion.com               July, 2022 Welcome July begins the second half of the year.  It’s like the beginning of a new year. We have that hope that the second  half of the year may  go as well as the first half, or maybe […]

The Clarion, Jun. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 6      www.judeochristianclarion.com               June, 2022 Welcome With Pentecost beginning on June 4th at sundown to June 5th at sundown, we want to remember just how important the Holy Spirit is to us, and not just the Spirit of God, but the Word of God, […]

The Clarion, May 2022

Volume 3, Issue 5       www.judeochristianclarion.com               May, 2022 Welcome Hello May! This month we begin our third year of the Clarion. We hope that you have enjoyed them, and that you have passed them on to family and friends. If you haven’t yet, you can sign-up […]

The Clarion, Apr. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 4       www.judeochristianclarion.com               April, 2022   Welcome They say, “April showers bring May flowers.” But what else does April bring us? More times than not, it brings us to a time of remembrance of our Savior’s death and resurrection. Unfortunately today many people […]

The Clarion, Mar. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 3       www.judeochristianclarion.com               March, 2022 Welcome As March begins to let go of winter, and spring struggles to appear, let’s remember that life may be cold and harsh, but God’s love always is victorious over the struggles.  Spring is Here Lord, as the […]

The Clarion, Feb. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 2       www.judeochristianclarion.com               February, 2022                                                     Welcome We find ourselves in the middle when February arrives. It’s the […]

The Clarion, Jan. 2022

Volume 3, Issue 1       www.judeochristianclarion.com               January, 2022                                                       Welcome Happy New Year Everyone!  We pray that this year will […]

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