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The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 2021)

Volume 2, Issue 10              www.judeochristianclarion.com         October,  2021   Welcome Fall is a great time of year. The leaves are changing and a new beauty begins to show. It’s like old age. When you are young there is a beauty that old people wish they had. But […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 9 (September2021)

Volume 2, Issue 9              www.judeochristianclarion.com         September  2021   Welcome It’s hard to believe that it is September.  The summer is coming to a close. How quickly time goes by and as time goes so does our lives. We celebrate the Fall Feasts this year all in […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 8 (August 2021)

Volume 2, Issue 8              www.judeochristianclarion.com            August  2021   Welcome! Here are some fun facts about August. It also shows why you can not trust putting your faith in days and months and years. August was once the sixth month of the year. In the original […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 7 (July 2021)

Volume 2, Issue 7              www.judeochristianclarion.com         July  2021   Welcome! Irving Berlin wrote “God Bless America” in 1918 when he was in service, but the song did not become popular till 1938. To me this song should have been our National Anthem, because we needed a prayer […]

The Clarion Volume 2, issue 6 (June 2021)

                 Volume 2, Issue 6                             www.judeochristianclarion.com    June 2021 Welcome June is a great month because of Summer. Years ago everyone wanted to be a June bride. All the flowers are in bloom and […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 5 ( May 2021)

Welcome May is a beautiful month.  The spring flowers and trees are all in bloom. The birds are chirping and the sounds of life are upon us. This May 16th at sunset begins the feast known as Shavuot or better known to us as Pentecost. Pentecost was the day that the tongues of fire fell […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 4 (April 2021)

Welcome Welcome to spring.  After a long winter it is so nice to see the flowers peeking through the ground and the days are getting longer. It’s the time for the resurrection of the “Dead from Winter” and everyone cries Hallelujah! People feel renewed as they begin to spend more time outside I would like […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 3 (March 2021)

Welcome March is such a great month because it brings new life. The ground begins to thaw, and the spring flowers start poking their heads above the ground, and everything that was dead comes alive. This year Passover, the day that Yeshua died, which is the 14th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar is […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 2 (February 2021)

Welcome February is considered the month of love.  Love is a misunderstood word. Paul tells us this about love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8,   “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, […]

The Clarion Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2021)

Welcome We would like to start by wishing everyone a blessed New Year . A new year gives us a new beginning. New beginnings are great because it gives us a new chance. A new year is like a book. Every year we write a 12 chapter book. Every month is a new chapter. Every […]

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