Judeo-Christian Clarion — Brochures

We have compiled a selection of brochures on a variety of Judeo-Christian topics. The full text of these brochures is available both in text and PDF form.

Holiness: Worship in Time

Holiness through the eyes of worship in God's time.

Holiness: Worship in Our Diet

Holiness through the eyes of worship in what we eat.

Holiness: Garments of Worship

Holiness through the eyes of worship in garments of glory.

Holiness: Worship in God’s Space

Holiness through the eyes of worship in God's space.

Where Did the Kingdom Go?

We want to look at the question, where did the Kingdom go? Now you may say, “The Kingdom is in heaven, why ask where it went?” Today, the believer lives more for the world than he does for the Kingdom. We have lost the vision of the Kingdom to come. So let's look at what the Scriptures tell us about the Kingdom, otherwise known as the Messianic Age.

The Origins of Anti-Semitism

Even though we have seen anti-Semitism throughout history, we have seen a recent increase over the last several years. Anti-Semitic violence and attitudes have once again begun to surge. After the Holocaust, most Christians in the United States had been pro-Israel, but today, we have seen that many church-goers have turned their backs on Israel and now support Israel's enemies. So you have to ask yourself, why? And why now? Is it the nationality or is it their religion that is causing the hatred? We want to take a closer look at this, so to do that we have to look back into the Scriptures to see when this all started.

All For the Sake of Unity

Today there are many religions, many denominations—just like there are many countries and peoples. For the world to be united as a one world order there has to be a gathering of all peoples, nations and countries; and we have seen this over the years, beginning with the United Nations, which formed the global society that we have today. So too, to have a one world religion all the religions have to come together and unite as one religion.


In today's world, the predominant social trends continue to envelope the nations into a global community. This is happening not only in the political and economic realm, but the pursuit of world peace has also led to attempts at resolution of religious differences as a source of violence and discord. This brochure will examine the Scriptural view of globalism, and then explain some of the ways this trend is currently manifesting itself, especially in regard to the church.

Is the Cross Politically Correct?

Today, we have become so politically correct and so sensitive to words that even in our congregations and our churches we have compromised our beliefs and our words so we do not offend anyone. Tolerance is the word of the day, and yet we do not have tolerance for everything or everyone: it's like pick and choose depending on who you are or what you believe. So I ask, do we live by the Word of God or do we live to please those who cannot or will not believe in a God who would not include all?

Secret Societies and Fraternities

Some Christians may face the temptation to join a fraternity, secret society, or other such organization. By appealing to the desires of mankind for greater degrees of wisdom, closer ties to friend and neighbor, and insight into mysteries and hidden matters, these secret orders have enticed many into their fold. These are noble desires when they are pursued in the light of truth, but these groups only serve to be a source of false light.

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