Judeo-Christian Brochures

We have compiled a selection of brochures on a variety of Judeo-Christian topics. The full text of these brochures is available both in text and PDF form.


Unlike holiness, which is a lifestyle set-apart for God, godliness has a lot to do with our character—who we are and how we act. When we walk with the Holy Spirit, He leads us on the path of righteousness, and godliness is its fruit.

What About Godliness

1 Timothy 3:16 tells us, “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.” It sounds like Paul is telling us that we can find true godliness in the mystery of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. How then can we be godly people practicing godliness in our lives?

Faith and Godliness

Regarding godliness, if how we act in our faith is just as important as our faith, then faith and godliness go hand in hand. Peter tells us that we need to add to our faith.

Godliness and False Teachers

Paul instructs Timothy in 1 Timothy chapter 6 about godliness and false teachers.

Strolling Down the Path of Godliness

Godliness is a road that we need to walk if we are believers in the Lord Yeshua/Jesus. It is a lifestyle that we need to adopt if we are going to be holy people, the people of God. It is a life of virtue and it is a walk following after the Holy Spirit, being obedient to the Word of God.


God wants us to worship Him in the manner that He has prescribed. He desires us to live according to His Word. This series explores these topics, relating to holiness through the eyes of worship.

Worship in God's Space

Holiness through the eyes of worship in God's space.

Garments of Worship

Holiness through the eyes of worship in garments of glory.

Worship in Our Diet

Holiness through the eyes of worship in what we eat.

Worship in Time

Holiness through the eyes of worship in God's time.

Worship with Our Lives

Holiness through the eyes of worship in our lives.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Holiness through the eyes of worship in Spirit and in truth.

Biblical Appointed Times/Feast Days

What are God's Feast Days? Why did He designate these Appointed Times? We have put together some introductory brochures on the Biblical Appointed Times/Feast Days in order to offer a brief overview of these holy times and their value, which is increased with our knowledge of Yeshua.


The Seder: The Meal of Messiah

The Biblical Appointed Time of Passover is one of the most well-known. What is it about this time that is so universally relevant?


The Giving of the Spirit and the Law

Pentecost is a very important day for believers. But what is the Appointed Time of Pentecost actually all about?

Rosh Hashana

A Sweet New Year

Rosh Hashanah, also called the Feast of Trumpets, is a time of joy and celebration, yet it is simultaneously a time for somber reflection and repentance.

Yom Kippur

Are You Written in the Lamb's Book of Life?

The Day of Atonement is the most solemn of the Biblical Appointed Times. It is a time to consider, is our name written in the Book of Life?


God Dwelling With Us

God gave His people the Feast of Tabernacles to remind them of His care for their forefathers when He brought them out of Egypt. What value does it have for us today?

Purim and Hanukkah


While Purim and Hanukkah are not part of God's Appointed Times, they are still valuable times of celebrating God's deliverance.


Resting In Him

The Sabbath is a topic of heated debate among believers in Yeshua (Jesus). In this brochure, we will try to lay out exactly what the Sabbath is and what its place can be in the lives of believers.

The Tabernacle and the Biblical Feast Days

The Tabernacle and the Biblical Feast Days

The Tabernacle represents Yeshua (Jesus). The layout of the Tabernacle parallels the Biblical Feast Days.

Other Brochures

Here are our brochures which are not talking about the Biblical Feast Days/Appointed Times. They cover topics such as the Gospel Message, Judeo-Christianity, and the Messianic movement in relation to charismatic Christianity.

The Messianic Movement and Charismatic Christianity

The term "Messianic" is one you may be familiar with. Perhaps you have heard someone talking about "Hebrew Roots" or "Judeo-Christianity." Let's take a closer look at some of the basic information surrounding the movement.

The True Biblical Gospel Message

The word gospel comes from the Old English word meaning "good news." What was the message of good news that John the Baptist, Yeshua (Jesus), the angels who announced His birth, and His disciples preached?


What is Judeo-Christianity? What is its significance? What would Yeshua (Jesus) have thought about this ideology?

Secret Societies and Fraternities

Some Christians may face the temptation to join a fraternity, secret society, or other such organization. By appealing to the desires of mankind for greater degrees of wisdom, closer ties to friend and neighbor, and insight into mysteries and hidden matters, these secret orders have enticed many into their fold. These are noble desires when they are pursued in the light of truth, but these groups only serve to be a source of false light.


In today's world, the predominant social trends continue to envelope the nations into a global community. This is happening not only in the political and economic realm, but the pursuit of world peace has also led to attempts at resolution of religious differences as a source of violence and discord. This brochure will examine the Scriptural view of globalism, and then explain some of the ways this trend is currently manifesting itself, especially in regard to the church.

Where Did the Blood Go?

Ask any believer and he will tell you that he is saved by grace through faith; and that not of himself, it is a free gift of God; and not as a result of works, that he should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Though this may be true, I ask, what happened to the blood and the cross and sin? Should this not be our first response?

Is the Cross Politically Correct?

Today, we have become so politically correct and so sensitive to words that even in our congregations and our churches we have compromised our beliefs and our words so we do not offend anyone. Tolerance is the word of the day, and yet we do not have tolerance for everything or everyone: it's like pick and choose depending on who you are or what you believe. So I ask, do we live by the Word of God or do we live to please those who cannot or will not believe in a God who would not include all?

Where did the Kingdom Go?

We want to look at the question, where did the Kingdom go? Now you may say, “The Kingdom is in heaven, why ask where it went?” Today, the believer lives more for the world than he does for the Kingdom. We have lost the vision of the Kingdom to come. So let's look at what the Scriptures tell us about the Kingdom, otherwise known as the Messianic Age.

The Origins of Anti-Semitism

Even though we have seen anti-Semitism throughout history, we have seen a recent increase over the last several years. Anti-Semitic violence and attitudes have once again begun to surge. After the Holocaust, most Christians in the United States had been pro-Israel, but today, we have seen that many church-goers have turned their backs on Israel and now support Israel's enemies. So you have to ask yourself, why? And why now? Is it the nationality or is it their religion that is causing the hatred? We want to take a closer look at this, so to do that we have to look back into the Scriptures to see when this all started.

All For the Sake of Unity

Today there are many religions, many denominations—just like there are many countries and peoples. For the world to be united as a one world order there has to be a gathering of all peoples, nations and countries; and we have seen this over the years, beginning with the United Nations, which formed the global society that we have today. So too, to have a one world religion all the religions have to come together and unite as one religion.

History of Mystery Babylon

We read in Revelation 18, "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!" What is the Bible talking about when it is referring to Babylon the Great? We are going to take a closer look at Babylon because it has been such a mystery throughout the generations, and it seems to be a central focal point of the Revelation.

Mystery Babylon in the End Times

In the previous brochure we saw how Mystery Babylon and its religion began. Now let's go to the Book of Revelation and see just how this false religion will coexist with the antichrist.

Social Justice

Micah 6:8 tells us, "He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" God tells us that He requires justice, so what is the difference between social justice and God's justice?

Spiritual War

Many people do not know about spiritual warfare, or they do not know how to engage in spiritual warfare. Today, you see in so many churches that people do not take the time to intercede and pray it through until they have the victory. Yeshua has given those who believe in Him the victory over the enemy if we are willing to stand up and fight. This teaching will be a template you can use as a prayer guide in your own spiritual warfare.