Judeo-Christian Yearly Reading Cycle

A long-held practice in Jewish faith is the weekly reading of pre-determined portions of Scripture. Each Sabbath, the passages are read during the morning service. This system is designed to cycle through the first five books of the Bible (the Torah) in one year. It is accompanied by a passage of Scripture called the Haftorah which is located in the prophets and has a similar message or theme as the Torah portion for that week. Here we have also included a passage from the New Testament that complements the Torah/Haftorah portion of the week.

The name of each portion is the first word from that portion in the Hebrew text. For example, the first portion is called Bereshit, which means “In the beginning.”

We encourage you to read about Sabbath-observance for Christians in order to understand the full value of the Sabbath in the life of a believer in Yeshua (Jesus). These portions are an excellent way to dive into keeping the seventh-day Sabbath holy as a believer. Additionally, remembering the day as holy can be done individually by setting aside a special time of worship or prayer. We feel that you will find blessing in this special time on this special day.