About Us

Youth Group taking place in the park
A Judeo-Christian Passover Seder
Vacation Bible School students posing for a group photo

A Little History

The Jerusalem Christian Center began in 1988. It started as the Evangel Food Pantry and grew into the Southside Ministries of Evangel Church. We are a non-denominational outreach. We worked with the Hispanic and Hmong communities of Milwaukee, WI. In 1993, we incorporated and became the Jerusalem Christian Center Inc. During our 20+ years of ministry, we have grown from a little church food pantry to Home Missionaries.

The Jerusalem Christian Center has been involved in youth groups and children’s groups, VBS, and men’s and women’s Bible studies. We were the first and only food pantry in Milwaukee that went to peoples’ homes. The Jerusalem Christian Center ministered to over 80 families who were poor and needy. We delivered over 4,200 bags of food to homes and tons of perishable and non-perishable food to 15 food pantries a year. We also handed out clothing and household items and our holiday outreach collected and handed out thousands of gifts to children of all ages each year. The Jerusalem Christian Center evangelized and taught how to evangelize.

We also became a Para Church Ministry. The Jerusalem Christian Center held a children’s program once a month with a local children’s pastor. We also did children’s programs for other local churches and The Milwaukee Outreach.

The Torah Teaching Center

We began The Torah Teaching Center in 2000. It is a part of the Jerusalem Christian Center. The Torah Teaching Center is a teaching tool to the local churches in the teaching of the Jewishness of the Bible. As Judeo-Christians we are not knowledgeable about our Biblical roots. As a Messianic outreach we teach and assist churches in the celebration of Jewish feasts like Passover Seders. Believers are taught the origins of Communion and the meaning behind it. We also celebrate Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. Hanukkah and Purim are fun occasions for family gatherings.

Judeo-Christian Clarion

The purpose of the Judeo-Christian Clarion is to continue reaching out to the church in order to provide education about our Jewish/biblical roots. In order for us to fully know who Christ (Yeshua) is, we must be familiar with this often overlooked, yet crucial, piece of the puzzle.

It’s time for the church to meet the Jewish Master in all His Jewishness and for the family of God to became familiar with its Jewish roots.